The following are a list of items that can be crafted in the crafting menu.

Basic ItemsEdit

Name Image Flavor Text Required Materials
Iron Bar Iron bar for different types of craft Iron Ore (5x)
Glass Can be inserted into the window Sand (4x, Requires Fireplace)
Plank A plank, a log, but I still can`t find the perfect option Wood (2x)
Bone Plate The limbs eventually came in handy Bone (2x)
Rope This thing looks like a snake Leaves (4x)
Brick A perfect constructions comes out of bricks Clay (3x)
Metal Plate
Grilled Meat Raw Meat (1x, Requires Fireplaces)


Name Image Flavor Text Required Materials Strength Damage
Stone Axe Tool for wood extraction Stick (1x), Cobblestone (3x) 60 20
Bone Axe Tool for wood extraction. Even better than the stone axe Stick (3x), Bone Plate (4x) 80 40
Iron Axe It is the perfect tool for felling woods Stick (4x), Iron Bar (4x) 100 60