The Spinosaurus (Spino) is a dinosaur found around Despair Bay and the Dark Ocean. Its strong bites allow it to kill an unarmored player in a mere 2 hits.

Appearance Edit

The Spinosaurus has black claws and nails, a sky-blue underbelly, a blue body, and entire upper portion of the body (lengthwise) is black. The sail has hints of black along where the back and sail first meet, otherwise completely sky-blue, outlined in red.

Behavior Edit

The Spinosaurus will run at the player, and has a higher visual range (how far away it can see you) than the T. rex! It covers ground slowly, which is the consequence for its t

erribly good eyesight. When it gets to close, it will do the same thing as the T. rex and do an almost "lunge." The only difference between the two "lunges" are that the Spino also has a better range than the T. rex!

Stats Edit

Size Classification Damage Health Speed
Titanic 90 1000 Slow