The Triceratops (Trike) is a dinosaur found along the Coastlines of almost every island. In "The Ark Of Craft: Dinosaurs," it holds the award as the dinosaur with the most health! Its attacks are capable of killing an unarmored player in a mere 3 hits.

Appearance Edit

They appear to have "T. rex-green" along the upper portion of their body (lengthwise). They have brown legs, a brown underbelly, as well as light-gray nails and horns. Their frills are usually light-gray with hints of orange, as well as white spikes braiding the outline.

Behavior Edit

The Triceratops is passive (Meaning it won't attack until you make the first move). It will turn around to face you, and stab you with its horns. Most players don't pick fights with these, as it has 1900 HP, the highest dinosaur HP in the game!

Stats Edit

Size Classification Damage Health Speed
Medium 40 1900 Moderate